Environmental Data & Application Request Form

AppID Select AppServiceNameAppServiceDescp
1 Automatic Data CollectionHow data is collected from sampling point to hosting. Automatic Data Collection System able to collects data from multiple sampling point at same time and able to be cater more than thousand sampling points This system is run automaticalally with no human intervention.
2 Automatic Data Validation (QAQC)How raw data is validated automatically by computer using pre-define level control.There are no human intervention.
3 Online QAQC Personnel ValidationRaw data is validated and verified by QAQC Expert which offer more accurate of final data.
4 Automatic Alert SystemAutomatic alert for pollution event and operation maintenance as well. We offer scability of alert via email, SMS, Telegram and etc.
5 Real Time DisplayHow Real Time data is showing at big wall screen device such as LCD Screen. We offer interactive Real Time data information that can attract the people.
6 Online Web ReportingOnline Reporting contains features such as Archive Data, Trending Chart, Tabular Data, Data Query, Data Export(csv,txt,html & etc) and many more
7 Web Service-Data IntegrationWeb Service allow authorize parties to tap enviromental data through internet and integrate with their system.
8 Administration ToolsThis tool able user to manage and control the overall system such as editing, deleting and adding new record.
9 GIS Dekstop 
10 GIS Web 
11 Automatic Data Syncronization for Data BackupThis system allow user to automatically syncronize thier data between Master and Slave Data Centre. When the Master Data Center is down then Slave Data can be deactivate immediately